Thanks to our 2 locations qualified as a transit center , we assist our customer with waste reduction through our 3 steps program :

  1. Reduce waste production
  2. Optimize waste collection logistic by a take-back delivery program encouraging the pooling cost
  3. Suggest alternative solution of waste recycling in order to reuse them
Solution déchets dangereux et emballages souillés

3 steps approach:

Main hazardous waste:

  • Non-Halogenated Products (Organic Liquid, Solvent, Organic Mud, Organic Acid)

  • Halogenated Products (Organic Liquid, Solvent, Organic Mud, Organic Acid)

  • Mineral Liquids and Sludge | mineral acids

  • Chromed Solutions and Sludge | Cyanurées

  • Pesticides

  • Powders and Paints

  • Mineral and Organic Oxidizers

  • Aerosols, Batteries and Neons

  • All types of empty and soiled packaging

Expertise & Services:

As part of our GLOBAL CHEMICAL SOLUTION we propose tailor-made services to our customers


  • Refreshment training about rules and duty of being a hazardous waste producer
  • Environment and safety diagnosis as well as selective sorting support
  • PPE recommendations
  • Storage solution recommendations: packaging, tanks, containers, basins


  • Assistance in filling in waste identification form
  • Edition of the hazardous waste tracking document on behalf of our customer
  • Bespoke labeling for waste monitoring
  • Certified packaging according to ADR regulations, for the road traffic without dangerous goods card
  •  Industrial hazardous waste are sent to specialized companies and destroyed in approved centres

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