We offer a tailor-made services to our customers and suppliers based on our logistical ressources, including:

1- Mixing, reconditioning, kitting based on specifications and requirements.
2- Stocking on behalf of third parties thanks to our multiple SEVESO sites including a high threshold of 8 hectares, ICPE authorizations and to our temperature controlled storage cells (-18°C to + 20°C).
3- Delivering, off-stuffing, waste collection by means of our own fleet of trucks.

Logistics Services

We store on behalf of customer/supplier a wide range of hazardous products

  • Bespoke labeling
  • Tracking label
  • Regulatory CLP labeling

Mixing and dilution based on requirements, delivered with analysis report.

Repackaging and customized dosing system meeting all quality requirements.

Unloading, filling and carry out by us on:

  • Onsite unloading
  • Public road unloading

Thanks to our 10 french locations and to our freight forwarders network we are able to deliver product to the end consumer.

Tanks, pumps, containers, storage cabinets

  • MOQ reduction
  • Compliance with customs regulations
  • Export control

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Besoin de conditionnement à façon?

Nous conditionnons pour le compte de nos clients tous types de produits (liquides, lubrifiants, poudres, granulés…) dans tous les formats. Nous vous proposons une prestation sur-mesure adaptée à vos besoins, votre saisonnalité ou vos contraintes de stockage.

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