Discovering our new E-Chemicals interface

Our SDS management platform has evolved! It retains the functionalities that make it so successful: access to SDS, TS, information on substances… but it is improving ergonomics and readability!

Secure access

Access to the platform is done with personal and confidential codes. The user designated as the administrator of the account will be able to create access to his employees by assigning them to one or more of the organization's entities concerned.

Customizable article catalog

The platform offers a single, centralized access for all of your chemicals, whether they are purchased from Gaches Chimie or not.

All data can be exported for interfacing with your information systems. See the diagram below.

A detailed product page

1- Composed by:

  • The obsolescence status of the product

  • Regulatory lists impacting the product

  • Summaries of SDS sections

2- From which you can download:

  • SDS, TS, Declaration of conformity, Analysis report, Delivery note, Simplified SDS ...

3- The list of substances contained in your product:

  • And if each substance also impacts other products in your catalog

An advanced search tool by topic

This tool allows you to sort and consult your products according to various parameters such as:

  • REACH regulatory lists (Annex XIV, recommendations, etc.) or other lists (indicative ELV, binding ELV, Biocides, etc.).

  • Pictogrammes SGH

  • Hazard statements

  • UN code

  • ICPE code

  • Export control

A mapping of your business

The administrator type profile can personalize his account by materializing the organization of his company by: sites, services, workshops or workstations ... and assigning products to them.

This customer space customization tool improves the management of chemicals and also allows you to administer your company's user accounts to one or more of these entities. (An account assigned to an entity will only have access to products related to that entity.)

Monitoring updates to your SDS

Gaches Chimie collects all the relevant documentation from the manufacturers and alerts you by email as soon as an SDS is updated.

A page dedicated to SDS evolutions will allow you to analyze the additions and deletions between 2 SDS versions.

Additional Modules:

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