BIOBOR JF, biocide carburant : autorisation mise à disposition sur le marché Européen

Gaches Chimie is the European distributor of the product BIOBOR JF, an aircraft fuel biocide for which he European Commission has authorized exemptions allowing the product to be made available on the market and used in several European countries.


Kerosene or jet A1, used in commercial aviation must undergo a biocidal treatment to fight against contamination by microorganisms. DuPont's KATHON FP 1.5 fuel biocide which had aircraft approval has been banned for aircraft use by the manufacturer since June 2019.

As a substitute, Gaches Chimie offers the product BIOBOR JF from HAMMONDS an aircraft fuel biocide for which the European Commission has given its approval, then each European country issues a derogation allowing the product to be made available on the market and used.

In France, the decree of December 2, 2020 extends the exemption of April 28, 2020 allowing the availability on the market and use of the biocidal product BIOBOR JF until May 7, 2022. Click here for French derogation. For exemptions from other European countries, please contact us


BIOBOR JF is the original, industry standard microbicide used to kill and prevent microbial contamination in aviation turbine fuels. BIOBOR JF provides highly effective, proven dual-phase chemistry to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that contaminate fuel systems, clog filters, corrode metal surfaces and cause service interruptions.

For contaminated aircraft or storage systems with microbial growth present, BIOBOR JF should be used as a “shock treatment” to kill and control organisms in the fuel tank. BIOBOR JF may also be used routinely in sterile systems as a preventative to ensure fuel quality and prevent contamination. Proactive use of a biocide extends fuel filter life, prevents biomass accumulation in fuel tanks, and inhibits microbial influenced corrosion (MIC).

As an added benefit, BIOBOR JF has been proven to increase the lubricity properties of jet fuel, providing additional protection and reduced wear to fuel delivery components. BIOBOR JF is fully compatible with a wide variety of fuels, fuel system components and common materials. It does not affect fuel performance and is more stable, less corrosive and safer to handle than many other biocide chemistries.

Since 1965, BIOBOR JF has proven highly effective and compatible by many of the world’s largest refineries, militaries, airlines, and GA aircraft operators globally, and is one of only two fuel biocides approved for aviation use.


– EPA Biocide Registration # 65217-1


– Aviation APPROVED – approved for aviation use globally by FAA and IATA

– OEM APPROVED – Recommended & approved by turbine and airframe OEMs

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