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E-Chemicals is a digital management solution for your chemical products.

A platform dedicated to the digital management for your chemicals products. All the information concerning the hazards, market availability, physico-chemical and regulatory data (REACH, RoHS…) are stored on a secure SaaS platform.
And it's FREE for evey product we sell !


What is it? We manage your entire chemical products portfolio online. Find your products with a single click thanks to our multi-criteria filter function.
What are the benefits? Create a complete tree structure of all of your entities and their associated products.

What is it? From your product catalog, call up all the latest versions of your Safety Data Sheets, including date information and in all available languages.
What are the benefits? We manage for you all of the following documents:

  • SDSs
  • Technical data sheets
  • Analysis reports
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Delivery notes

What is it? Product information is extracted from SDSs to give our customers an easy-to-read overview. Each data sheet provides a table of the substances that make up the product.
What are the benefits? We provide a data provider service, exporting items from the database in csv and xlm format.

What is it? Filter and monitor your products according to their level of obsolescence risk.
What are the benefits? Stay informed of key dates and due dates for last buy order and sunset date.

What is it? Our teams watch out for regulations likely to affect the substances contained in your products: REACH, ICPE, RoHS, CLP, …
What are the benefits? A multi-filter thematic search system lets you do your own regulatory surveillance for your products. You can also monitor and manage your own lists (blacklist, specific regulations, …).

What is it? Tools to create labels and simplified job descriptions.
What are the benefits? Recommendations for IPEs best suited for each product.

What is it? Alert emails are sent for each new version of the SDSs contained in your product catalog.
What are the benefits? We provide an overview of the changes between two SDS versions.

What is it? We can provide an export of the database at the desired frequency and in the format of your choice.
What are the benefits? We provide chemical risk assessment software editors with all the product information they require.

Chemicals data management

Regulatory EHS expertise

  • Consulting for RoHS / REACH compliance

  • Support for Export Control

  • Product end-of-life risk assessments (obsolescence)

  • SDS translation, compliance and authoring services


Et c’est gratuit pour tous les produits achetés chez nous

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