Manufacturing processes in the food and cosmetic industries must comply with the strictest safety and quality requirements. Our solutions for hygiene and cleaning detergent formulations meet those requirements.

Nettoyage et désinfection industriel industrie agroalimentaire et cosmétique

Sectors using our detergent and disinfectant formulations:

In the following areas:

  • Cooling systems
    • Semi-open (air-cooling type)
    • closed (chilled water)
  • Sterilizers
  • Surfaces: walls, floors, maternity boxes, ...
  • Hygiene equipment, foam plants, dosing trolleys, foam guns, sprayers, nebulizers, hand disinfection
  • Pumps / dosing
  • Retention / Transfer Equipment
  • Conductivity / Accessory
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Animal transport
  • Hand hygiene
  • Body hygiene (boots...)
Hygiène industrie alimentaire

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